Welcome To Surve Bandhu Mangoes ( Ambewale )...!
Welcome To Surve Bandhu Mangoes ( Ambewale )...! Mango All Over The World Is Supposed To Be The Most Fascinating Fruit And In India It Is Regarded As " The King Of All Fruits. " Amongst All Mangoes The Alphonso Hapus ) Variety From Devgadh/Ratnagiri is Regarded As The best variety Because Of It's Unique Taste, It's Aroma & Appearance.

The Alphonso - comes from a small village named Pawas situated within the Konkan belt of the Western India and which is known to produce the finest quality of the Alphonso variety. .We at Surve Bandhu Specialise In The Cultivation & Supply Of Alphonso To Hundreds of Our Satisfied Customers Since 1948.
Why Us
We have established Our selves in this field since 1948. Our specialty is Mangoes – Its not just our Profession it is our Passion.When it comes to Mangoes – Surve Bandhu is the natural choice.